Custom Telecaster

This is a custom Telecaster style guitar assembled by Kevin at

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The neck and body of this guitar were built by USA Custom Guitars. They did an excellent job from wood selection to building and shaping of the guitar neck and body. The neck is built to match the measurements taken from an 84′ Les Paul Custom, with a 12″ radius and Les Paul style scale length. The neck and body are made from Honduran mahogany with the body having a beautiful quilt maple top and the neck a nice, dark ebony fretboard. Thank you Tommy for the fantastic guitar and excellent customer service!

The finish is a poly clear coat with a dyed blue top. The top has a very subtle burst that makes the taped and scraped maple binding really stand out. This was all expertly done by Jim at Roxy Guitar Finish. As you can see the finish is done beautifully, but the photos can’t show the crisp edges of the taped and scraped binding or the smooth, ripple free top coat that is as smooth and flat as glass. Thank you Jim for the gorgeous finish and excellent customer service!

The electronics were all wired and assembled at Twixpickups, including the switching system. The 5 way switch is a Super-switch that allowed for 14 different pickup combinations. The tone and volume controls are DPDT push pull pots. With both push pull pots down the selector switch selects the following pickups: 1 Neck, 2 Neck and Bridge in parallel, 3 Humbucker wired in parallel, 4 Neck and Bridge in series, 5 Bridge. The volume push pull pot turns the humbucker on in parallel in positions 1, 2, 4, and 5 (position 3 would remain unchanged) when the knob is pulled to the up position. The tone push pull pot switches the humbucker to series in positions 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. All pickup positions are wired to be in phase.

The Humbucker was handwound and built by Twixpickups. It features a gold open cover with matching gold screw poles and slugs. It is wound to match the Neck and Bridge pickups are the Broadcaster set which is built by Kinman.

This guitar sounds fantastic, very clear and articulate with great sustain. All of the pickups are very balanced and sound great clean, overdriven, or with all out distortion.

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