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We offer a wide selection of custom hand-wound pickups at prices that compete with the major manufacturers in the industry. We also offer pickup rewinding and pickup repair services as well. One of our most unique aspects of our company is our guitar pickup recycling program. We offer a discount on your new pickup purchase if you also send in your old, rebuild-able pickups.

Why choose hand-wound pickups for your guitar? The answer is simply greatly improved tone and responsiveness of your guitar. The most sought after and treasured guitar pickups in history were constructed by hand, and scatter-wound by hand or hand guided on to the winding machine. This random effect is what brings the hand-wound guitar pickup it’s magic. Most major manufacturers wind their coils with each wind placed right next to the previous wind. while this makes for a very symmetrical coil, it also serves to choke the tone. A properly scatter-wound pickup provides that ringing, full bodied, with very natural sounding responsiveness. The result is a pickup that allows the musical qualities of your guitar to shine through. These pickups sound fantastic regardless of whether they are played clean or over-driven/distorted.

This is an example of a matched pair of Standard Humbuckers with optional chrome covers. The Standard Humbucker is a great replacement for most applications. It boasts superior clarity along with enough power to give you that sweet over-driven sound as well. If you are looking for that classic humbucker clean or overdrive tone, these pickups have it! These pickups are specifically wound for the position in which they perform best and are available in no-cover, chrome +$10, black +$10, gold +$20, and plain nickel by special order(cover prices are per pickup). The covers available are with standard pole piece holes, double holes, no holes, and open cover (where the cover is a ring around the pickup bobbins).

Rewinding and Repair. Most guitar pickups with a bobbin can be rewound or repaired. Pickups that are bobbinless or sealed in epoxy are normally not able to be repaired or rewound. If the coils are good and there is enough lead wire to work with, the pickup is a good candidate for repair. If there are internal coil problems or the lead wire is too short then a rewind will be necessary. Essentially a rewound pickup is a new, scatter-wound pickup that will be spec’d as close as possible to original if desired. Sometimes you may not have been happy with the output or the general sound quality and might want to change the pickup a bit from stock. Repair is typically $25 and Rewinding is $40 for a single coil, $60 for a humbucker. Wax potting is optional and included in the price.

Recycled Pickups. These are pickups that have been rebuilt to provide the great tone that is part of all of our pickups. Where possible they original manufacturer and model will be noted and the pickup will be wound to spec if possible. Many times this information is not known so the pickups will be wound to a standard spec and offered for sale at substantially reduced prices. Matched pairs will be sold as sets, but individual pickups can be purchases individually, matched from other recycled pickups(if possible), or a new pickup can be wound to match. Customers who send in Rebuild-able pickups (working or non-working) with payment receive a $10 credit towards the purchase of a new pickup. Only one credit is allowed per new pickup purchased.

New Pickups. New pickups are made to order and can have many different options, but the standard design will fit most customer’s needs. Pickups can be produced individually or as a matched set. Normally when we talk about matching, it does not mean that each pickup has the same resistance as the other pickups in the set. Our pickups are designed to be used in a certain position in the guitar. Generally the neck position will have a lower resistance than the middle or bridge position, with the bridge position having the highest resistance. This is done to make the audible volume between each pickup more balanced and also help keep the neck position pickup from being too Bassy and the bridge position pickup from being too shrill. A standard new humbucking pickup without covers is $80 and a pair is $150. There are three types of covers available, standard (with pole piece holes), Solid ( no holes ), and an open cover. These are all available in chrome, black and gold finish.

Please contact twixpickups@earthlink.net for purchase information or any other questions.

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